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Introducing COCO+

It’s time to give a s**t. So, we came up with COCO+ – a platform that allows you to use our fuel and travel services to offset+ your trips at no extra cost and with zero extra effort.

Taking off early in 2022, COCO+ Travel is a complete business travel management platform which delivers global transport and accommodation at great pricing while travelling carbon negative.

We’ve got your fuel sorted, too. Also with no extra cost and zero extra effort, COCO+Fuel empowers businesses to Offset+ their road mileage. It allows you to fill up and offset all purchased fuel, with set weekly diesel pricing, benchmarked against the national average published price. You can use COCO+ any time, to get anywhere, safe in the knowledge that behind the scenes we are taking care of you and the carbon impact of the trip.

So, why do we do it? Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that emits in almost every aspect of travel be it flying, staying in hotels, hitting the road or jumping aboard a train. These emissions have a negative effect and contribute to climate change. As part of our service, we pay to support climate impact projects around the world to balance out your carbon emissions.

And how do we do it? We can’t do this on our own. This is why the offset funds generated by COCO+ customers are used by ClimateCare. The very best in the business, they are a major carbon offset organisation supporting climate impact projects worldwide.

Our current focus is Bhadla Solar in India. The project cuts nearly 800,000 tonnes of carbon each year through displacing electricity generated by fossil fuel from the national grid. We’ve chosen to support this project to demonstrate long-term impact across one of the world’s fastest growing nations. Energy demand in India is fast increasing as rural communities seek out electricity supplies. The carbon offset will help to ensure this demand is met with a zero-carbon energy source that will produce power for decades to come.

But we don’t just settle for carbon neutral in our offsets. We want to offset that little bit more. This means that our customers know their carbon output isn’t just offset, its Offset+.

Our ultimate end game is to change consumer behaviour across the planet by turning business and personal purchasing into a force for good.  We believe through better business that we can all play our part in the fight against climate change – If we all start to give a s**t that little bit more, we can absolutely make the changes we need to.




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