COCO+ Flow


Expenses don’t have to cost your team or the earth. Enjoy a faster month-end, built-in expense policies, and real-time spending and carbon data with COCO+ Flow

Expense Management

Protect your bottom-line.

Keep cash for what counts by preventing wasteful spending with card limits, full visibility, and manager approvals. Reduce admin costs by streamlining expenses.


Empower your employees.

Soothe frustration by eliminating expense reports and reimbursements. Help workers to live their truth and make greener choices with carbon footprint tracking.


Free your finance team.

Stop wasting time and say goodbye to tedious double-entry and hello to bulk approvals, instant exports, and transactions that sync with your accounts.

A whole host of other features we couldn't not tell you about

5x faster month end closing
Automatic CO2 tracking
Unlimited users at no extra cost
Interest-free credit available


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Our COCO+ Flow prepaid Mastercards®, are integrated with our smart expense management software and app. They’re part of a digital ecosystem where all the parts communicate together. Managers can see transactions in real-time, cards can be set with in-built spend limits, and workers can buy what they need to get the job done while capturing receipts and tracking their carbon footprint on-the-go.

You can use your COCO+ Flow Mastercard® at more than 30 million merchants worldwide, with in-store payments, contactless transactions, chip and pin, and online purchases. Our accountabl virtual cards are similarly flexible, allowing you to make fast payments online or over the phone.

We calculate the carbon impact of all transactions for card, cash, and travel, using an emission factor database. Data such as the merchant category code, name, the industry SIC code, spend categories, vehicle type, and journey start and end, are used to find the relevant factor for instant CO2e calculations.

Getting started is quick and easy. First, you'll want to book a demo. A friendly advisor will then reach out and work with you to confirm your perfect package, whether that’s prepaid, credit, or a COCO+ Flow partnership. Once you're happy, we’ll run a few background checks. Your cards will be sent, and you’ll be booked in for a short portal introduction.

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