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We have had the pleasure of working with COCO+ for all our travel needs, and their service has been nothing short of exceptional. Our company, Engineurs, often requires complex travel arrangements with frequent changes at short notice and trips to remote parts of the world. Despite these challenges, COCO+ has consistently managed to organise, book, and execute our travel plans with impressive efficiency and precision.
One of the standout aspects of COCO+ is their commitment to sustainability. As a B Corp certified company, they take their responsibility towards the environment seriously. They have not only helped us manage our main emission source—our travel—but have also provided clear and transparent carbon offsetting options. We are fully informed about the projects our offsets support, which enhances our confidence in their sustainable practices.

The team at COCO+ is always available for regular contact, ensuring smooth communication and immediate responses to any of our needs. Their dedication to responsible travel management has made a significant impact on our environmental footprint, and we are grateful for their ongoing support and professionalism.

In summary, COCO+’s ability to handle our intricate travel requirements while maintaining a strong focus on sustainability is truly commendable. We highly recommend their services to any organisation looking to manage their travel needs responsibly and efficiently.

Alex Howard & The Engineurs Team,
Co-Founder & CEO | Engineurs Limited



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